Singapore Salary Survey

Are you being paid fairly in Singapore? What is the average bonus paid by companies? Singaporeans want to know these answers and we're on a mission to find out accurate salary figures, once and for all.

A 2021 report shared on social media claimed the average Singaporean earns S$8,450 per month. However, according to MOM's report , the average salary for Singaporeans was S$5,549. There are a lot of inaccurate salary information floating around and there usually isn't a basis for these comparisons as the ages, qualifications and industries of people differ so wildly.

This survey is carried out by us ( and our aim is to finally provide young Singaporeans with accurate salary comparisons.

This survey is intended to accurately peg Singapore full-time salaries by age and industry. Data trimming is used to remove outlier data at the 5% to maintain statistical validity.